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The TERRA-MEPP project is looking to hire a postdoctoral research associate to assist with the integration of high-throughput phenotyping capabilities into robotic platforms for characterizing growth and photosynthesis of crops.  The ideal candidate must have a Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering, Remote Sensing, Plant Biology, Crop Sciences, or a related field.  The ideal candidate should be (a) comfortable in working with various sensors including LIDAR, spectrometers, imaging hyperspectrometers, gas exchange systems, etc., (b) have experience in computer programming, and (c) be excited about developing new technologies and integrating existing technologies for monitoring crop productivity to meet a growing global demand for food and biofuel. 


This position is open immediately and has an initial one-year term.  Additional years are contingent on progress and available funding. For more information, or to apply, please contact the TERRA-MEPP Project Manager Yun Li at