Autonomous robot works plant canopy

An agricultural robot that monitors crops under the plant-canopy level could facilitate crop scouting and help farmers to keep plant diseases or insect infestations from spreading. The robot – called TerraSentia – was developed at the University of Illinois and recently was featured at the Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis.

By: Lynn Grooms | Agri-View


Ag robot now on the market

An agricultural robot developed at the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences hit the commercial market at the recent Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis.

By: Kay Shipman | FarmWeek

u of i

U of I scientists envision robot crop scouts doing farm dirty work

University of Illinois engineers developed technology to efficiently handle the uncomfortable, tedious work of crop scouting while enhancing critical information. Meet TERRA-MEPP, a small, boxy robot that excited visitors during U of I Agronomy Day.  

By: Kay Shipman | FarmWeek


Down on the farm with C-3PO

Researchers at the University of Illinois have come up with a robot that can methodically wander fields and beam back stunningly perceptive crop reports. Weaving its way through a farm on a track system, the super-perceptive farmhand grabs detailed information on each and every plant it passes.

By: Joe Dysart | Communications for the ACM