EarthSense receives 2018 Edwin Moore Family Agriculture Innovation Prize

EarthSense, a company that develops ultracompact autonomous robots for crop breeders, agronomists, and growers, is the recipient of the second Edwin Moore Family Agriculture Innovation Prize. 

By: Research Park at the University of Illinois



UI professor develops farming robot to alleviate labor costs, increase efficiency

Researchers at the University developed robots to help farmers of the Midwest tend to their fields. 

By : Veronica Mierek | Daily Illini


Robots could be help shape the future of farming in Illinois

Robots developed by researchers at the University of Illinois are helping Midwest farmers in the fields.

By: Illinois News Network


Cross a John Deere with a Roomba, and you get this crop-monitoring robot

Farms are a hotbed for automation. Robots, drones, and artificial intelligence have been assisting in agriculture for years and 2017 showed they could farm an acre and a half of barley, from planting to tending and harvesting, without a human stepping foot on the field.

By: Dyllan Furness | Digital Trends